Another 1080Ti Review…. but with a surprise ending. AORUS Xtreme Edition


So many GTX 1080Ti Video Cards to review, such little time! Today we look at the Aorus XTREME GTX 1080Ti and see how it stacks against the competition!

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Another 1080Ti Review…. but with a surprise ending. AORUS Xtreme Edition | JayzTwoCents




  1. My SC Black boost up to 1986 and actually stays there. Got it up to 2126 but hey i have an open case and 20C room temp, thats in 90% of the games. The Witcher haemorrhages even with a +25 haha

  2. 2019: I just wish they used a metal shroud instead of a plastic one.

    Aorus GPU: Good god man, I'm heavy enough as it is already!

    Also Aorus: Our Xtreme GPU packaging is bigger than a motherboards packaging, we like BIG

  3. Please help me, im building my first pc and I was planning on getting this gpu for my z370 aorus gaming 5 but checking further I saw that for a little bit more I could get the rtx 2080 ti in my country….. are they both compatible??? what would be better???

  4. So I bought an open box item from Newegg about a month ago. It had a 1080ti Strix.
    After a month of studying and occasional gaming, the computer display went black. Restarted the PC and it worked, but I still felt there was something wrong.
    After opening the case there was water/liquid in the back plate of the card and inside where you plug in the PCI-e power cables into the graphics card. There also seemed to be some sort of calcium buildup-looking between some free prongs on the mother board. Once I cleaned up with alcohol and dried everything, the GPU just refused to work no matter what I did.

    I have never been so heart broken and confused in my life. As random as my comment is, what the hell do you guys think it was? No liquid cooling, and desktop is placed on my desk and no water exposed to it at all.

  5. if i saw this video i wouldve bought a asus strix 1080ti… and not the aorus one it WAS LITERALLY A WEEK AGO WHEN I BOUGHT THIS CRAP i still get 60fps 1440p tho 🙂 it also whines like crazy

  6. I just installed one of these 30 minutes ago, i don't know how you can complain about the flimsiness of the shroud because it wasn't all that flimsy at all, I can't see how anyone would do what this guy did without intentionally wrenching on the shroud, who does that???

  7. Had to return this card, it caused irritating popping sounds on my system during gameplay, Youtube, MP3…basically everything.

    I have a MSI 1080 Ti now and no sound problems.

  8. Guys help, i installed this Gtx 1080ti on my pc, uninstalled all drivers using DDU and re-installed it again.
    Someone please help,

    My specs:
    I7 6700k
    Aourus Gtx 1080ti (same one as this video)
    Psu: rm 650w

  9. Gigabyte auros pitch meeting:

    'Hey guys, seeing as we're making this RGB, shall we leave the rest of the card black so the user isn't forced to have a bright colour constantly clashing with their RGB light settings?

    Yeah we could do that, but… ORANGE!!!'


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