AmpliTube iRig Hardware Guided Tour Video – Plug your guitar into your iPhone and rock


A quick start guide to setting up IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube iRig with headphones, mixers, speakers, or amplifiers.

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The new iRig interface adapter is the easiest way to get your instrument’s signal into iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock!

The iRig is the ideal companion not only to the mobile AmpliTube app, but also works with any other recording, processing or tuning app. Plus, you can also use the iRig with line level signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards or mixers.


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  1. Why is nobody answering the question about why they are getting no sound on their Ipad? I'm having the same problem. I'm about to believe it is because it don't work on Ipads and the company doesn't want to admit it. Wasted $100!

  2. does it mean you limit your recording to mono? what is the purpose of this solution then, I mean you buy best equipment to cut it at the adapter?

  3. I have this and the Ampkit Link, neither work with my ipad 2, android phone or pc. What am I doing wrong?

  4. don't use a stereo 1/8" to a split, 2 mono 1/4" silly rabbit. unless you only want to feed the amp a half powered signal

  5. Can I plug this into an audio source as a splitter and record with my phone and listen to the recording at the same time? (No musical instrument) ? Or at least use it to record the sound from the source to phone??

  6. How to plug it with a bluetooth amp? My ipad is perfectly connected through bluetooth. When I connect irig to it no sound comes out.What am I missing here?…


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