Amber Heard Explains Her Tattoos


Amber Heard talks to Jimmy and Seth MacFarlane about her deep ink and bringing her dad to a Magic Mike XXL press conference on Father’s Day.

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Amber Heard Explains Her Tattoos



  1. So even though there is overwhelming evidence that she abused Jonny Depp, Irani people fawn over this abusive cow only because she has a famous Irani poem tattooed on her body.

    It's so sad.

  2. Amber heard can do the world a favour and bury herself. That way the load of shit that is her might help to fertilise the soil and do something useful for a change.

  3. خالکوبی به زبان فارسی کردی خانوم هراد؟! جالبه، ایکاش نشون میدادی ببینم چی نوشتی!!😀
    یکی از اشعار عمر خیام رو نوشتی! خیام اشعار عاشقانه داره ولی فکر نکنم از زنی خوشش بیاد که شوهرش رو شکنجه میداده! بدنش توی گور لرزید!

  4. The beauty here really is only skin deep. Inside, she's a snake! She does a disservice to every other woman on the planet. It's women like this that warn all us men to be so wary of commitment and trust.

  5. This comment section makes me lose hope of humanity. Ah yes Johnny Depp, a man who already had a few issues getting abused by a woman with ugliness on the inside. Who’s to say that ugliness doesn’t come from somewhere hurtful in her early life? Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor and a fine human, but You’re all shitheads for trying to destroy a life over his. I’ll watch your world burn with the incoming virus while I look from afar, asking myself, “where does humanity try to help her out of an undisclosed issue, and stop dehumanizing here more than the scrutinized paparazzi?”. It’s a witch hunter’s paradise. And regardless of my preferences the practice of cancelling someone’s career over their human, less dealt with side will die itself a horrible death. To hell it is!

  6. I hope my sister would have the opportunity to meet Amber Heard. And to have a girl crush on her❤️😘😍🍒🍒

  7. Amber….is awful. "They're not gonna believe you!! Who will believe you!!?" and my fears are that she will be get "ooh, poor her. it was drugs and abuse and bad things…she needs help and understanding. SHAME ON YOU, JOHHNY YOU PRICK! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Wherein if this was the other way around…he'd get locked up and called a monster…..or how hollywood goes called a monster, and still be able to work.

  8. BOYCOTT each and every show, movie and TV that has Amber Heard in it. Dislike every youtube video about her, and comment all your thoughts about this demoñita!

  9. I think Amber proves to everyone that beauty and hotness are of no value when the personality is evil, petty and disgusting.


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