AlphaBounce with BOOST??? || adidas AlphaBoost by Parley Review and On Feet


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A few days ago before this video’s upload, adidas Canada online has a huge sale for their sneakers. I was able to pick this up at an extremely cheap price. This sneaker was introduced as a new hybrid by combining an adidas silhouette with their latest cushioning tech that took the storm in 2015 to 2018, BOOST cushioning. Today, we have the adidas AlphaBoost by Parley here for a review.

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  1. Very nice review!!! I found alphaboost and alphabounce for the same price? Which one do u think I should go for? Considering I'm gonna use em for gym(weight lifting and running) and as overall lifestyle shoes.

  2. This review makes me think they might be great for basketball. I play outdoors occasionally in my 93-17s and the only issue is they're so mushy when I try to make a move they lag, making me slower but great impact protection. This low to the ground firmer yet uncaged boost could be the answer for me. Thanks!

  3. I got these for my wife and even though I mostly wear stuff like EQT 93/17, UB, Yeezy, Pods, etc.. I am so close to buying myself a pair. My wife says that these are just as comfy as her own EQT 93/17 boosts! That's says it all considering that the EQT support 93/17 are likely the most comfortable shoes on the market today.

  4. I enjoyed the video mate! You have a new subscriber. If your looking to grow your following check out ZMSocial(dot)com, it’s the fastest way to rank your videos.

  5. These are a fantastic shoe!! Love the stability and the fact that it's wide-foot friendly. I bought these at my local outlet for $47!!!! What a steal!!!!!

  6. They need a blacked out release and i would buy these. But I can customize it with Angelus Direct.👍🏻✌🏻✌🏾

  7. In my opinion, even though Boost is comfy, i feel like it'd be better if adidas stopped replacing other sole materials for Boost because that's just making Boost lose its hype.


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