Since adidas dropped the now notorious Boost Slides, there’s been a debate on whether or not they live up to or even trump the legendary Cloudfoam Shower Slides. I’m personally very biased when it comes to most things Boost from adidas, but came into this with an open mind and gave my honest opinions. Let me know which slide you prefer and if you enjoy the video, please leave a 👍🏽. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you appreciated and also what I can do to improve the next video. Most importantly, tap that red Subscribe button along with the Bell 🔔 to stay up to date and be notified with everything I upload here on this channel. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you 🤙🏽

Boost Slides Full Review:
Yeezy Slides Full Review:
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  1. I've already replaced the Shower Slides with a pair of Comfort Slides and you can see the video here:

  2. Boost for Shoes has been Great for 5 years Adicloudfoam for Slides I've had a pair for 3 years and it does harden more than Boost and whare out Faster than Boost

  3. I got 3 pair of adilettes and they are t really comfortable. I just really like the style. Switching to boost slides I hope they feel better

  4. Cloud foam slides wins this one I am sorry. The boost are comfortable, but they have three major issue. ISSUE #1: The Boost slides insoles (felt material) wear out quickly and start to whiten after a couple of weeks. ISSUE #2: The felt like material insoles get very hot, humid, and uncomfortable after a couple of minutes, making it an uncomfortable slide come Summer season. ISSUE #3: The insoles get dirty if you wear them outside in the sand, mud, or dirt. If they only added a rubber material like a Continental rubber insole to the Boost slides to give the consumer a much more cooler feel to the foot, then it would have been the perfect slide all season long.

    Cloud foam slides take the win. They are SLIGTHLY less comfortable, just ever so slightly, but they solve the boost slide's flaws. The insole is a compressed molded rubber insole, making it a cooler and fresher feel when walking. You can take these out in the water or beach and have the confidence that they will remain unaffected by the sand, water, dirt, or mud.

  5. I got the boost ones in black this past week… was on sale for 36 bucks on adidas… BUT my 2 year old cloud foam plus are def softer and squishier… the boost slides aren’t even as squishy as the UB/yeezys…

  6. Boost bottoms out so fast when wearing it regularly, so the cloudfoam plus will win. Boost is dead after 2 months

  7. is it water proof? unlike the adillete comfort/cloudfoam super absorbent slides ever. anyway i got tripple black boost slides comfy stable unlike comfort adillete unstable squishy marshmallow

  8. Sup bro what size u think I should get since I’m a true 8.5? Well imma true 8.5 in Jordan’s but boost shoes I could wear an 8.5 or 9 but yeezys boost I wear a size 9 for sure so 8 or 9 in the slides u think? Think maybe an 8 in the slides? What’s ur call on it


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