Adidas Alphabounce EM Oxford Tan REVIEW | ON-FEET | UNBOXING


Here is the SneakerTalk review on the Adidas Alphabounce EM Engineered Mesh “OXFORD TAN”
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  1. Yoo i have adidas galaxy 3.1 (cloudfoam) size 8 and i am buying new shoes because my feet is a little bit to big to fit in these. I am buying alphabounce but idk what size do i get, do i get 8 or 8,5?

  2. WoW just got a pair of alpha bounce EM. Ordered them on line, and took a shot that my normal size 12 would fit. Size 12 does in fact fit my foot, but the foot opening in shoe is WAY to small. I have to cram my heel into shoe and my foot BARELY makes it. Its like a size 12 shoe with the foot opening of a size 9 or 10. WTF adidas? And there is no way they will strech over time for this not to be an issue, trust me!
    Alphas seem to be much more comfortable with no insole. I tried to fit some memory foam insert in these shoes but there just isnt enough room inside for my size 12 foot and a thin memory foam insert. Overall not not a bad shoe but I will not be buying a second pair. I wish manufactures (NIKE) would get off their lazy a$$ and make more then 4 shoes in a wide size. I swear, I cant buy nike because they are just to tiny and as a result uncomfortable. So I buy adidas instead and they make tiny shoe openings???? Its like shoe manufactures do not know or more over do not care that there are people out there with BIG FEET! EnD RaNt… …

  3. I picked up a pair from my local Marshall’s here in the USA and they were only 40 USA a 12 normally but needed a 111/2 for these they run big.

  4. plz stop with those "energy" drinks already. those are just marketing gimmicks. have a glass of warm milk with turmeric powder mixed in it.

  5. Has anyone noticed that the material is a lot less stretchy than alphabounce EM? It is kind of difficult to get my feet into the reigning champ bc the opening is kind of tight


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