For the longest time when it came to “sandals”, my preference was flip flops from brands like Reef and Rainbow. This stemmed from growing up in Southern California, but when the adidas Adilette Boost Slides dropped, everything changed. Since then I’ve worn the hell out of them, but I’ve also been told by several people that the Boost Slides don’t compare to the Adilette Comfort Slides. Well I’m here to say that I think they’re right, these Comfort Slides are insanely comfortable, but will the “comfort” last? Let me know what slides you’re rocking with and if you enjoy the video, please leave a 👍🏽. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you appreciated and also what I can do to improve the next video. Most importantly, tap that red Subscribe button along with the Bell 🔔 to stay up to date and be notified with everything I upload here on this channel. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you 🤙🏽

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  1. Bruh my comfort slides smell HORRIBLE! Anyone have that issue and any resolution? P.s. i tried soap and disinfectant wipes.. only thing that did was give them a flowery stinky smell and soap suds building with every step i take no matter now much i wash them.

  2. If you want the best of both worlds (heavy padding on the strap) and adidas comfort slides cushioning, you should try the skechers slides

  3. I’ve had the comfort for about a year now and they still feel great, I’m usually on slides most of the time so they have several miles on them already, so yeah great option imo

  4. I got a pair of comfort slides with a super plush strap they were called the cf+ explorer. I have worn them off and on for 2+ years and they have not broken down or become mushed in anyway.

  5. Thanks for the video. Not to sound like a broken record but you have the wrong version. That’s the 2.0 or even 3.0. You need the first version 1.0 . You commented about the upper strap not have any padding under it . The Adilette Cf Ultra 1.0 has about .5 inch of padding under the strap AND the cloud foam part is MUCH softer than the current one you’re holding (2.0 or 3.0) if you like the current cloud foam slide you have now. You need to get ahold of the original pairs so much better. You can tell if it’s an original by looking at the detailed picture of a noticeable padding added under the strap. It’s going to be hard to find them since adidas has stop making them in that version. They changed it up to what you currently have now.

    In the link below, notice how it has the .5inch padding under the strap. Also the cloud foam is much softer. I don’t even wear my 2.0 cloud foam slides.

    Black/white sz 10, 11:

    Black/silver sz 11,12 :

    Size 9 and 10 in the red: sold out but look at the padding

    adidas Men's Adilette CF+ Athletic Slide Sandals, White/Light Scarlet, ((10 M US)

  6. You should try the Croc literide slides. They're honestly much better and more comfortable. I know it's a croc, but if comfort is what you want. And just planning on wearing them around the house, who cares. They're a great slide.

  7. The comfort slides are super comfy I have it since 2 years ago and maybe I will change it and try the boost or the same in black. I will add u a url image of how it looks after some time. The only bad thing is DO NOT put in water, I took this to the beach and the smell in the room was horrible I thought first was rug but not. For house and dont have shoes inside house are super but dont take it to the beach.

  8. Ive been using slides for 2 years, it doesnt bottoms up to me, still ok for me and agreed with you about the padding, not the best,
    did tried the boost slides, it doesnt feel comfortable, feels like nmd boost instead of ub ..that just me

  9. I've never been a slides guy, but when these boost slides dropped on Adidas for $25 cause they were on sale and had an extra % off if you were a Adidas app club member so it was a no-brainer. I like them and just got them in the ask black pair too, and the Yeezy slide because why not right!?!? 😂 The Boost slides are comfortable and happy to have them in my collection.


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