Adidas Adilette 2.0 Sandals | On Feet 🦶🏽 | By Pharrell Williams 📦


The Adidas Adilette 2.0 Sandals are a must cop! These sandals/slides were designed by Pharrell Williams & come in numerous pop colors. They may not be for everybody … but im not everybody 🖖🏽

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  1. My brother, I respect your beard game and all that but when it comes to sandals or slides, and with socks too, worn outside in public..? Naaaah bro, that's a fail; no self-respecting man should be wearing slides on road!!! At home around the yard, at the beach or at the pool that's cool & expected but on street like normal footwear I'm a have to say "no way Jose!!!!" Fashion faux pas in my view, despite what the masses be wearing or Pharrell, be designing, that style doesn't & will never get my vote!!! Sorry, my G.


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