Adidas ACE 17.1 K-Leather (Turbocharge Pack) – One Take Review + On Feet


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  1. what do you recomend ace 17.1 leather, copa 17.1 or mizuno morelia neo 2, im a fast player with good touch of balon, and good pass, and have flat feet.

  2. Will there be any ACE 17.1 Leather in the new ocean storm pack released in August or have they stop making this shoe?

  3. Another super video!!

    About to pull the trigger on a pair of UK 9s… I returned a pair of UK 9 Ace 16.1 FGs recently as i wasn't sure about the shock blue color and found the toe box a wee bit roomy compared to my UK 9 Ace 15.1 FGs…

    Would you think a UK 9 in this 17.1 Leather boot will be ok? I like to wear 2 socks, so I'm thinking they'll be good… The solar green around the heel and mid foot is awesome looking!!

  4. i bought these but the blue blast ones, and i can say there so comfortable.
    a good boot for CB,RB,LB and CDM

  5. I just don't see the point in having leather only in the toe box. Adidas is doing that a lot as of late and it bothers me. Idk what it does to the fit and/or performance of the shoe but I think it would be better for everyone to have the entire shoe 1 material. Preferably leather.

  6. I just ordered a pair, but at the same time i want the copa 17.1 champagne pack too which one would you prefer?

  7. Can the replacement sr4u laces work for any shoe? For me right now in particular that is the Nike lunarepic if that is helpful

  8. Josh, I think that the 2013 F50 adizero had full leather upper and not only in the top.I have a Yellow F50 adizero offline 2013 and its built fully in leather.

  9. Hey josh I was wondering in terms of fit how these relate to the 16.1 primenit because I wear the 16.1 primenits and they fit very well. However when I went to go and try the new 17.1 primenit they seemed very wide and did not fit my foot at all. So basically since no stores around me carry the 17.1 leather I can't rly go and try them on so I was hoping for ur professional opinion on the way this boot fits! Thanks and keep up the sick content

  10. Hey Josh. I have the option of buying either the Nike hypervenom phelon 3 or the puma 1.4 evospeed. Which one would be a better option ? Considering evospeed is a top end model but an old one.

  11. Josh i have a x 16.1 and I was wondering would you go with jr length laces from your store with my size being 11. Or should I go with normal length?

  12. the whole reason Ive not moved onto knitted/mesh boots is I just don't trust the quality. I've got a old pair of f50 adizeros that must be 7 year old but still good for the odd kickabout. is the sock like material durable or is that leather toe going to add to how long they last


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