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Today I’m reviewing the Adidas ACE 16+ Ultra Boost! The ACE 16+ is the latest in the UltraBoost family and is inspired by soccer cleats. The Boost midsole is the same as on previous Ultra Boost sneakers. This version is in a multicolor colorway that features black, white, blue and green. Check out my review to learn more!

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  1. I’m usually a size 13, which is usually equivalent to UK 12. However, I just found out that Adidas makes their 13s in UK 12.5. I just got these today in UK12, is that ok? I’m a little wide. For me though, it’s TOUGH to get into these. And when I pull my feet out, the insole rolls out along with my feet.

  2. i copped these a while ago and overall i just really ended up not liking the green and blue, if these were just oreo they’d be awesome, but as time went on I liked them less and less

  3. I think for the try it on part of the vid, u should try shorts as well as long pants because in the summer ppl would wear shorts and want to know what it looks like.

  4. Here's my address. 804 Eden Lane Villas 2, Khiyaban-E-Amin Denfence Road
    City: Lahore
    State: Punjab
    Country: Pakistan
    Zip/postal code: 54000
    If you can't donate a pair of boost. The nike react or Vapor street would be nice. But a Vapor street would be love.

  5. Also my shoe size is the same as yours 9 and I'm a boost fanatic but unfortunately I can't afford one because I'll to have order it from abroad and I can't pay the duties and taxes when the shoe arrives here in Pakistan. The amount for a normal ultra boost here with the taxes and duties would be around 70000Pkr that would be $650 or $700. So if you have a pair that you would like to donate please donate it to me. I'm not asking you for the best pair you, just asking a pair in good condition that I can flex on. Any other ultraboost mid or laceless would also be great if you plan to send any. I follow you on Instagram and YouTube. Big fan.

  6. Seth please send me a boost sneaker that you don't need any more because here in Pakistan I can't get any. Please oh please seth!!

  7. Der Continental outsole is pure shit it is broken after one year! if i pay a price of one hundred eighty Euros, I will have to show for Minimum five years

  8. After 4 months does the multi colorway of this supposedly Oreo style shoe still put you off it? Or have you got used to the color?

  9. Great video, you recommend true to size but I've heard other reviews that sizing down is better (.5). You stated it fits like a 3.0 would you recommend​ going down half a size or tts? Thanks

  10. Throw these on with some Tiro 17 sweats, I get what you mean it's kind of looking like the static you see on tv and stuff, but I don't mind it.
    Probably why they don't sell much in this colorway, but that's ok rather have something no one is wearing.

  11. My pair have a lot less green and blue than yours. Each shoe is also differently patterned which I think it's pretty awesome.


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