adidas ACE 16.1 Review | Laced Football Boots #BossEveryone


We lace up and review adidas’ Ace 16.1.
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  1. I’ve recently got the ace 16.1 primeknit but the ankle feels a little bit clumsy, that’s why I’m thinking about getting these

  2. These are the boots I currently wear
    And they are absolutely phenomenal
    Insane boot
    I will always wear these 👌❤️

  3. i got the adidas 16.4 black/whitegold(the adidas stripes) can you tell me what is the good part of that. good in shooting like what… or trick like what pls tell me

  4. I was just wondering if anyone knew whether I should get a different size to change from a 15.3 leather boot this year to a 16.1 synthetic boot

  5. how long will this and the leather version last more or Less benone the sole Plate breaks from the upper Plate?

  6. Awesome video guys! Really love the informative details you constantly provide us viewers with 🙂 keep it up

  7. Hey Football Boots i have a pair of predator lz 2 absolion and they are not to wide,so can i fit into the new adidas ace 16.1?

  8. Hi,great vid I just ordered X 15.1 I had grew out of my Nike boots and ordered a 5 in the X 15.1 do you think they will fit?

  9. can you please do a comparison between the superfly 4 and hypervenom2 because i dont know which one to buy and i want to know which one has the best durability and tech spects


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