Adidas ACE 16.1 Primeknit (Mercury Pack) – Review + On Feet


adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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  1. Hi Josh hope you're well, was just wondering which boots between these, the regular Ace 16.1 synthetic, and the Evopower 1.3 you preferred?

  2. If I have been wearing Mercurials for a while and am in size 9.5, what size would I be in these cleats (adidas ace)

  3. If I'm growing, should I get 9.5 or stay at 9, my last pair of cleats was 8.5 and these feel a bit snug but should I go up a 1/2 size? I need these until mid/late spring

  4. ok last question what in your opinion is the overall beter cleat the adidas ace 16.1 or the new balance visaro k-leather or the nike tiempo legend 6 thx for all your help !

  5. The material of this boot is the same in the others Ace 16.1 primeknit colors? The silver color gives me the impression that they are diferent..

  6. hey josh , are u still thnkng bout doing those budgets like a certain amount of price and maybe u could try about gk equipments to like gk budget , jst an opinion , u don't have to do it , jst giving u a suggestion

  7. If I am a size 9 on the Nike Tiempo Legend 6, would my size for these be an 8.5? I remember hearing that the Tiempos ran a half size small…. Thx

  8. I'm a winger/Striker/CF. I feel like the X 15.1 prime knit is meant for those position. But the ace 16.1 prime knit looks more comfortable. But it's meant for like midfielders. Which shoe do you think I should get? Or should i just get the Nike hypervenoms? The mercurials hurt my feet cuz the defenders keep steping on them and mercurials have 0 protection

  9. can you review adidas ace 16 primemesh indoor pls
    and is mercury pack make leather boots ace16 x16 messi16???

  10. Hi I got a quite important question.
    I can't find them in a store nearby, so I have to order them online. Should I order the same size as I have in other adidas shoes for example the "11 Pro"? Or should I go up/down a size?
    I would appreciate an answer very much.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  11. If you were to get the Magista Obras or the Ace 16.1 Primeknits for the same price, which would you get? I'm stuck between choosing one of those. Both are brilliant shoes, but I only have the budget for one. Can you help me out? Thanks

  12. Will you say that nike's stud pattern for AG works better at Artificial Grass than Adidas AG/FG stud pattern?


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