Adidas Ace 15.1 White/Metallic Silver – Review + On Feet


Adidas Ace 15.1 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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  1. Josh I have heard that the ace 15.1 boots have some stud pressure issues and I wanted to know if you had problems with stud pressure. Thank you

  2. what is the difference in touch the ace 15.1 versus 15.2..i own 15.2 and i hardly noticed the difference beside the dampening effect ,is it any performance benefit in terms of upper 15.1 compared 15.2?

  3. I have a pair of Gloro, 39 1/3 (6 1/2 US). I had a pair of Adidas adiPure 11pro and they were a bit too long on the forefoot area. Should I buy same size? Thank you! Greetings from Italy!

  4. Josh
    What similarities did the ace and the Instincts have?
    Im thinking in buying a new pair of cleats but im in love with the predators,so what do you thing, the ace will do the work, or i should try a diferent cleat?

  5. Hey whats up Josh, how does your soccer shoe sizing differ from your regular shoe sizing? I generally wear a size 10US in vans, and was wondering if I should go 10.5 in these or stay true to size.

  6. Hey Josh, what do you think the chances are of these boots actually staying white after using them during the rainy season? While they begin to stain and just look dull?

  7. In your opinion, how do you feel the traction of this boot would be on softer playing surfaces? I know I'd be better of getting the soft ground variation but I play on firm grass more often than not, so I was just wondering since my superfly 4 FGs don't perform too badly on the softer surfaces

  8. Hi Josh. Do you think these boots have good traction for the goalkeeper ? Should i go to the sg model ??

  9. Josh, how similar are the SR4U Orange Punch laces to Nike's Hyper Punch Superfly. Also, how similar are the SR4U Bright Tangerine laces to Nike's Laser Orange Superfly.

  10. This colorway is definitely stunning! The Adidas Ace 15.1 should progress with their color ways, they should make better color match ups that will make the cleats look amazing and stunning. But at the end the ace are still good cleats.

  11. Hi Josh! Kinda out of topic… but, do you know where can i buy the Nike tiempo legend IV Acc Soar Blue/White 8.5 us online? I'm looking for them so bad!

  12. They look like something from that episode of spongebob where squidward freezes in the freezer and wakes up in the future and everything's chrome

  13. can you please reply to my comment on the deals of the week video you did about 6 days ago?… i berly posted the comment today… thanks in advance, great video by the way :)…


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