Adding games to Playstation Classic Mini with BleemSync 0.4.1 PS1 Classic Hack


Version 1.0 Public Beta Released:

This should make everything allot easier. Also on this site, you’ll find compatibilty lists for USB sticks and such. Please check it out.


This is the third video about PS1 mini hacks, please check these as well:

The gpgHax method (by JustMaku):

BleemSync 0.2.0 (now obsolete, by PatHartl)

– Use a USB 2.0 thumbstick, 3.0 does not work. name your thumbstick ‘SONY’.
– games should be BIN and CUE file format. IMG, ISO, CME or other formats do not work.
– keep a master copy of your thumbstick setup on your computer.
– if a game does not work, try to set the game up manually please check


This video is about BleemSync 0.4.1. You can download the software package here:

Please check the start page of this github project for written instructions. Also check the issues page for issues and support requests.

IMPORTANT (and I forgot to mention in the video)
The Playstation Classic Mini is picky with USB-sticks. Older ones tend to work better. it needs to be USB 2.0 and format your USB-stick FAT32 and name it “SONY”.

I did not create the software and have no affiliation with the creator of this software. HACKING YOUR PLAYSTATION CLASSIC MINI IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND COULD VOID THE WARRANTY.

Added functionality in this latest version of the PS1 Classic Hack:
0.4.1: Minor Updates
– Automatic metadata scraping – if BleemSync detects no Game.ini is present for a game, it will attempt to download the information and game cover from BleemSync Central – a hosted database specifically tailored for BleemSync
– 2 player controller support – Thanks mtrivs!
– BleemSync will now run on boot. This feature can be disabled by deleting the System/BleemSync folder.
note: syncing will only check for Game.ini on boot as there is no internet connectivity on the system
– System/Defaults/pcsx.cfg has been added for allowing a default configuration of PCSX. This will be automatically copied into each game on boot.
0.3.1: Minor Updates
– Save and game overmounting has been overhauled thanks to CompCom | Resolves #3, #9, #10
– Initial multi-platform support – THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE FEATURE
– Simplification of database creation thanks to justMaku
– Addition of hotkey to enter PCSX emulator settings by using SELECT + TRIANGLE | Resolves #17, #19, #13
– Stability fix for Windows line endings potentially causing pcsx.cfg to not read in emulator
– Console’s original region maintained (fix for O and X being swapped in menu) | Resolves #11
– Support of 25+ games (max limit untested) | Resolves #14
– Changed compatibility for Windows to Windows 7 | Resolves #2

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  1. Version 0.7.0 is coming soon! That should be a big jump in functionality and ease of use. Keep an eye out for a video on this channel!

  2. there are werid files in my game data for folder 1 and 2 do i keep them in or delete them (i am doing this on mac btw)

  3. Hi, I was curios about something, but I can't find info online.
    I have an hacked PS Classic. Is there a way to create multiple memory cards per game? Like you can do on a PS3.
    For example, I want to duplicate cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, but I need 3 memory cards to do so. Do you have any advice?

  4. My usb flash was working perfect but now all of a sudden it won’t boot bleemsync and just loads the original 20 games
    I was using a 128gb sandisc ultra fit and it really was working great but now just won’t boot to my custom games list

  5. Okay, so I have 0 experience in doing any of this hacking stuff, and it's all so confusing. Where did you get those ROMs? I think I can do everything until it comes to getting those games. I've never done an emulator before so I can't figure out how to get those bin and cue files.

  6. Anyone know where people are getting roms? Since emu shutdown people are saying they don’t recommend other places since the are viruses 🙁

  7. Dank je wel, beste @Euro Retro Gamer!
    I have a little problem, most of my games works properly (with a Sandisk 64gb Ultra fit 3.0) but, there are certain games that apears in the PSC Wheel with the cover grey (as if the art isn't able to charge) and when I press start, the screen blink a second and nothing happens. Do you know how to solve this? The CUE is connecting properly with the BIN file, and the game.ini looks correct.
    Thank you!

  8. Have you tried capcom vs snk by any chance? The screen just stays black also street fighter collection 2 and mortal kombat collection wont open at all

  9. I'm currently using Sandisk cruzer edge 32GB, and I have done every step
    of the hacking instruction, but it just doesnt work out. my PS Classic
    doesnt blink after I plug the usb and reconnect the power. Can anyone

  10. Great video, waiting on a GUI for this thing so I don't have to suffer renaming these games time and time again. I personally use a Sandisk Ultra Fit 32GB, which is a USB 3.1 and it works fine. The PS Classic is arguably more picky about HOW the device was formatted than its capability, but part of the issue has to do with the 100mA limit of power draw from the USB ports. Bigger USB drives can struggle because of that.
    My suggestion is to use Rufus, a program typically used to make live USBs for Linux, but works wonders for low-level formats. It ensures the USB is using MBR instead of something like GPT that the PS Classic will never boot, and formats it with a guaranteed FAT32 and 16kb allocation unit size. The Classic doesn't wanna do 32 or 64kb from my experience.

  11. I have tried this method to the T, and it wont read any of my games. I have a Sandisk Cruzer 64GB flash drive. Help?? I did format to FAT32 and named it SONY. Help

  12. I have been trying to run Castlevania Symphony of the night but couldn't make it work, I'm not sure if it's a 2 CD game but it's got a a part1 and part2 .bin, is yours working ?

  13. Een vraagje…

    Als je je PS Classic gaat hacken, worden dan de originele games verwijderd (zoals Tekken 3, Resident Evil, MGS etc.)? Of blijft dat dan intact?


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