A9 1080P Action Camera REVIEW – A $30 Action Camera!


The review of the very cheap A9 Action Camera (Sample Footage included)
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  1. I got this cam free when I Purchased a smartphone from Huawei.. I got all the accessories but the cam itself it looks like a replica. It doesnt look the same as whats on the video. It's not 1080p and looks VGA and there's no setting option. It has WAV, VIDEO AND CAM only. The price tag almost 38usd. 🤦

  2. I bought one here in new England home depot $24.00, haven't tried it yet, hope it will measure up to my Hasselblad 203FE NASA Apollo 11 Ltd 40th anniversary, my Nikons, canons,    this should be good for hiking without dropping the real expensive cameras, especially when a bear chasing me,  J.R. New England usa

  3. got one at the 99 cents store for $10. lol its was garbage . to be expected. ended up getting rid of it and buying a real gopro


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