5 Ways to Improve Your Wireless Range


Improving the wireless range and coverage in your home or office doesn’t need to be expensive. There are several things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your signal.

If those don’t help, D-Link also offers a variety of wireless N products to help increase your wireless range.

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  1. thanks to your video i made my 3 bars of internet turn into 5 very informal fam blow up the bro fist you deserve it.

  2. live in 100 sq meter row house ground plus 2 how to get wifi on 1st floor, broadband wired router and telephone line connected to desktop

  3. too bad I can't watch this because it only goes down to 240p…. my internet got fked up in my room and can only run 144p…

  4. Another tip you can follow is to make sure that the router is placed near to areas in the home of office where the Wi-Fi signal is used most. Also make sure the signal does not have to pass through any this walls, metal objects (yes even refrigerators, cookers, etc . . ) as these will considerably reduce the signal. A little experimentation usually helps.

  5. What is the best way to extend my wifi range and not have low internet signals, or no internet in dead zones?
    I want to extend my existing wifi to my bedroom, so I can watch Netflix, youtube, etc on Smart TV, but an internet signal is only received as far as the beginning of entrance. Not sure if it's worth buying a wifi extender, or other?
    Can anyone please recommend a name, weblink of a quality wifi extender, or other to help me. Thank you very much.

  6. All these ideas depend on doing something relevant to the router.  What if you don't own the router and have no physical access to it?  I am living in a motel where we are supposed to have free wifi but I'm lucky if I can get one bar 90% of the time.  Don't tell me to move to another motel, there are no vacancies in this area.  Is there something I can do to boost the gain for my lap top?  I am assuming wifi is based on radio waves.  I know we used to use signal boosters for TV's and radios back in the day.  I tried an external WIFI I paid $75 for at Best Buy but that did nothing.  


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