5.8 Zip, The Most Exciting AlphaBounce Disappointment from adidas, (UB should have this outsole)


The Alphabounce 5.8 zip seriously got me on my toes for excitement when I found out they made an Alphabounce with continental outsole. But the execution on this shoe is terrible. The fit was off, the zipper is gimmicky and doesn’t work well on wide feet. I feel like if you run in these the zipper might give way one day. The comfort is definitely there, its super comfy, but the functionality isn’t… Which is definitely not the likes of adidas. I don’t know what happened in the design department, but I hope they fix this ish up. Cause the potential of this shoe went downhill from here.

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5.8 Zip, The Most Exciting AlphaBounce Disappointment from adidas, (UB should have this outsole)




  1. Shoe doesn't fit so you make a video on how shit the shoe is instead of getting something bigger, what planet am I on again?

  2. Got these quite a while ago. Absoloutely amazing to be honest. Got really wide feet and they fit real good, no stretch on the zipper.

  3. Man, you have problems with your feet, not with these sneakers…
    I wear it for my every autumn run. And the only issue is that there is no waterproof material on top. Solved by $2 spray.

  4. I love my pair. I have super wide feet as well. Sure you have to spend 3 seconds on a sub par zipper but the shoe is super comfy.

  5. After several months of using these. I love them. They fit really good. The fabric on the top of the shoe has a give that makes zipping easier. It became increasing easier over time.

  6. I've worn these for about 8 months now. I don't get the criticism about the zipper. You have to pull the shoe together in order to zip it up. This is intended to be a snug fitting shoe (i call them foot-condoms) for all-terrain use. The lone complaint I have is that the stitching at the top of the zipper popped, due to stress when pulling shoes off without unzipping. Obviously, that is user error. But I don't get the bad publicity these shoes are getting. If anyone is unhappy with them and wants to sell their size 11's, hit me up.

  7. Adidas released an alphabounce with continental recently, u should try those they have laces too. BTW the shoes im talking about are called the alphabounce 1s

  8. This shoe is a definite FAIL….I have allot feet and STILL could not zip these shoes up… They didn't messed this shoe up!!!! And going up in size WILL NOT help. Adidas knows this is a problem which is why you can get this shoe on the cheap right now…. Smh.

  9. I already bought this shoes before your review come out. One of the reason I bought it is because your review on Alphabounce. For Me, may be because i have slim/small foot, i don't have problem with the zip. Although it's less comfort than boost (even with NMD), I think this shoes is good enough to use for heavy duty like hiking, dirt road.

  10. This is crazy helpful, since I shared the same hype and also was wary about it. It's so rare to see sneaker reviews on YouTube that actually review the sneaker build and feature set, and not just some dude flexing about his new cop.

  11. Excellent review – great that you are direct and honest about giving criticism – unlike many Sneaker YouTubers these days, who pad their negatives with positives. Obviously this shoe has a very bad design – even I wouldn't have designed a shoe like this if I was told to give the shoe a zipper – another bad approach is to have a zipper behind the heel – though I noticed some two zipper units in some Nike Airforce 1s that run on both sides of the heel, which is a smart move!

  12. They got an Alphabounce with the Continental outsole and the regular laced upper too. Thou I don't really like the color, waiting til they come out with more colors.


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