3 Annoying FAULTS on the Nintendo Switch & how to FIX them


Hi, this video shows 3 faults that I believe will become very common as the Nintendo Switch ages.
The first fault is a loose kickstand which is easy to fix.
The second fault is a joycon which could be not syncing/charging or the fault shown in the video is not making the connection click, these faults are easy to fix.
The third fault is a Joy-Con which keeps unlatching from the Switch, this fault cannot be easily fixed but I give a couple of preventative ideas to stop it from happening.
Many thanks Vince




  1. I have a problem, I want to connect the left joycon as an individual control, I sync it with SL and SR, and instead of connecting like an horizontal joycon, it does as a vertical one, and my right joycon is lost so I can't play with both of them as one, and it doesn't want to sync well ;-;

  2. The last one has a solution.
    Get a CASE. If you have a case, then if ur playing handheld mode, u will hold the case instead of the joycons.


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