2019 Marantz Home Theater Receiver Lineup


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The four models we’ll be talking about today are the Marantz NR1509 ($549), NR1609 ($749), SR5013 ($999) and the SR6013 ($1499).

The first thing to know is that while other brands may have more features, Marantz opts instead to maximize sound quality. Larger power supplies, and more robust amplifier sections, including high-current, discrete class A/B amps in every channel are just a few of the things that set them apart.

All of these receivers support UltraHD 4K HDR video and for the 2019 models they can handle 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through plus Dolby Vision and all the latest video standards. On the audio side they all can play Hi-res audio via USB and network connections, even high speed DSD files. They all feature Apple AirPlay & Bluetooth, plus Alexa Integration. Marantz backs all of its receivers with a 3 year warranty.

All Marantz receivers have full Heos integration. You can even send the audio from your cable or satellite box to the rest of your whole-house music system.

All Marantz receivers also come with Audyssey room correction technology. The room impacts your sound more than nearly any other factor, and modern EQ systems are getting pretty good — minimizing the effects of the room and ensuring that you’re getting the best sound possible. We really like the way the Audyssey works on these Marantz models.

Receivers like these are a long-term investment in your system, so it’s important to consider not only how you’re going to use the receiver today, but in the future as well. We’re confident that whichever Marantz receiver you choose, you will love it’s great sound and enjoy having it as the centerpiece of your home theater or media room for years to come.

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  1. Why do I have to power cycle every time I turn on receiver to reenergize arc connection? And then it works fine.
    Why? Is my 5014 defective? Thanks

  2. Forgot to mention odyssey celebrations- terrible,just cut off highs , need to remove all calibration settings and do it manually with sound meter 15$

  3. Bought 5014 terrible, made in Vietnam cheap cheap cheap, cheap plastic cheap remote, no toroidal trans, the amp section very week, need to buy amp separators , not sure it can drive surrounds, I have mission m74 fronts. Good only as preamp with atmos, good dac, surprises with sound of mp3
    Buy old good maranz

  4. still rocking my circa early 2000ish (year, not price) marantz sr580! 20 years and still going strong, with original B&W speakers and Mirage 1000w subwoofer!

  5. These are not 2019 models!!!! The 2019 I currently purchased is the SR6014. Please do your homework before selling us on the older 2018 editions. Okay? Thanks!

  6. Picked up a 5013 today. The best A/V receiver that I have ever owned. It sounds amazing. Haven’t watched any movies with it just doing music testing. Man on man, it has blown me away.

  7. Hello I would your opinion on who makes the best receiver models, that played IMAX enhance, THX CINEMA certification and why?

    Sony, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, Anthem 720 etc.

    I'm a fan of clean loud sound with great clarity and distinction when playing music between the instruments with be great stereo separation,

    & on movies playing full Range Sound, clear vocals and great bass management with the ability to adjust sub settings easily.

    Thank you for your time and knowledge and kindness have a great day!
    Bryant Nalls.

  8. Hate the portal screen. I hope at some point they move to a screen with WAY more information like an OLED screen found on a 6.5" cell or even larger. Want a little info – no problem it will show what you want – want a lot of info – no problem it can display plenty.

  9. Very helpful overview. Changed my mind and decided to spring for the SR6013 rather than the SR5013 because my speakers are only 85 dB/W efficient and the differences in the amplifier sections seem substantial. I need a mid-fi receiver for my 2.1 A/V system – one that will drive 4 Ohm speakers well. I have a dedicated high-end vacuum tube stereo system for audio. I'm actually not that interested in the features as long as it has a subwoofer out, but my son is into the wireless and I may end up using a lot more than I think. Regardless, nice job! I've never owned Marantz before, hoping for above-average sound quality and reliability at this price point. Yamaha, Onkyo and Pioneer just don't do it for me any more.

  10. Hay have they gotten CHEEP Marantz use to mean some thing
    i think there are trying to catch the Cheep market

  11. Marantz is garbage…I’ve been doing AV for 12 years now and marantz is the worst..they all end up with power supply issues causing them not to turn on. On a budget and need a receiver ? Buy an integra, still cheap but better then marantz hands down.

  12. I have the 1609 model that I bought on Ebay for $ 375 store return worth $ 700. Its a 7.1 system with Dolby atmos. Well worth it for this price ! I think it has plenty of power , and features along with Dolby atmos. I suggest to look for a sale , Ebay or buy used. All of my home theater 7.1.2 was purchased on sale ,i never pay retail prices and am very happy with my purchases. I have Klipsch, Svs Ultra, and Marantz.

  13. As a repair tech don't waste your time on this junk.This is not Marantz…it's a cheap a$$ company that purchases the name…one of many rip off companies that have used this name to petal their crap. THESE UNITS ARE POORLY MADE AND BLOW THEIR CHEAP SHIT OUTPUT DEVICES AND HDMI BOARDS ON A REGULAR BASIS. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!

  14. literally 0 change for the past 4 years just adding pointless features like dvision, heos, alexa support. how about making it easy to fix since my sr6011 and 6010 both had $400 usd hdmi board failures. thanks marantz for making it possible to buy a new one every year :p

  15. Someone help me out here, I can find a Onkyo 7.2 with 170W per channel and all pre outs for $300 but the Marantz 7.2 is a $1000 with 100W per channel. What's the Marantz doing differently with less power that gives it that price point?

  16. How do I take the plastic caps off the speaker terminals so I can use banana plugs? I just bought the SR5013 and my only complaint is that it doesn't support Chromecast. Have to bluetooth instead. I hope they can add it with a firmware update.

  17. I have the 6013 in our bedroom and a 7012 in the family room. Both sound wonderful. So many features I have yet to delve into all of them. Bravo, Marantz!

  18. What I would have like you to describe is the type of sound and how it changes from one model to the next one. Is it balanced, warm, neutral. How about the 1609 sound?


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