15-year-old child actor Kim Yoo Bin criticized over posts about 'Nth Telegram Room,'…


15-year-old child actor Kim Yoo Bin criticized over posts about ‘Nth Telegram Room,’…
15-year-old musical child actor Kim Yoo Bin has come under heavy controversy after he made a social media post about the infamous ‘Nth Telegram Room’. Kim Yoo Bin’s father has, in turn, come to cry and beg, asking the public to “forgive his son”, alleging that a close friend had introduced Yoo Bin to news about the room and that he “had made the social media post without knowing completely what it was about and uploaded the post without full knowledge of the issue. He is going through a rough time since his identity has been revealed. Please forgive him.” Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Bin uploaded a post filled with curse words on his Facebook page on the 24th, saying: “Did I see the Nth room? You f****** b******s. They say there are 270,000 c**** in the rooms and you don’t think you may realistically be one of them too? #If_I’m_An_Abuser_You’re_A_XXXX.”After receiving heavy criticism for his post, Kim Yoo Bin apologized, posting: “I am sorry to all I offended with the thoughtless post I made.” Kim Yoo Bin debuted in 2013 through an opera and became popular through starring in an EBS program ‘Mukbo Dinosaur Tino’ in 2014. 


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