100 percent disk usage windows 10 fix


Fix 100% disk utilization in task manager – Windows 10 – Simple 3 Step Procedure to make your PC faster

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  1. I thought it is going to be just like other videos where it works till i restart my pc, but yeah… It worked. I can't thank you enough. Thanks

  2. I got little excited when I saw your video to fix high disk usage issues. However, I don't see IDE ATA/ATAP Controller in my Device Manager menu!!!! Any ideas?

  3. Everything single fucking video says to do the same stuff and none of it works IM GOING TO KILL MY SELF!!!

  4. Disk went from 100% to maximum 20% after following step by step
    Computer performance heaps better and I didn't have to take it to a PC shop

  5. A better way to clean your disk is go to task manager and go end tasks with high disk percentage. I now have less disk. The highest it will get is 30%

  6. i found that pci express bug but my disk isnt 100% usage continously , should i follow that step and make it on my pc or just ignore it ???

  7. i went from 100 to 20-40 TYSM!!!! (edit: when you reset your pc you have to do it agian. But thats a big problem)

  8. Wow! this actually worked. I thought I had been trolled at first because when I first logged on it was 100% out of the gate…then about 5 minutes it gradually fell until it sat comfortably at a nice 6% thanks a ton, man!

  9. sir help me I followed all video but my laptopss disk usage still 100% superfetch windows search and updater I disabled all things but it still 100 % and hangs all time.. I installed windows 10 two time but this problem is still on..


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