1 Month AFTER Wearing adidas FUTURECRAFT 4D! PROS & CONS!


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After Wearing 1 Month: Adidas Futurecraft 4D Pros and Cons

Now that I have had a chance to wear these Adidas 4D FutureCraft Sneakers for 1 month, I wanted to give you my final thoughts on if the technology lives up to the hype? Or will it be another Springblade.

First off if you don’t know what the Futurecraft 4D tech is, peep this from my other video:

I already discussed the question on if Futurecraft is more comfortable that Boost, I would say no, just due to the weight and cushion / responsive feel.
So is Futurecraft more comfortable once you break it in? I would say, maybe? Or is it possible my feet have just grown accustom to the shoes? Either way it’s not a UNCOMFORTABLE shoe, It’s just not groundbreaking tech. Here is a list of Pros and Cons based on my experience, if your opinion is different, leave a comment!

Pros Adidas 4D Futurecraft Technology
Future thinking – love the concept and future thought and potential for a product like this! Cutting edge.
Idea of custom midsoles for individuals feet is amazing, can really open the doors in the future.
Spongy and cushioned well, unique feeling for sure!
Looks crazy on feet Love the style and the double take people five when they see the midsole.
soft to the touch, Its not as hard as the material looks like, it is actually soft.
Absorb rocks and items you step on due to the design.
Firmer in some places, softer in others, strategically.
Insole is nice
Sole has goof amount of traction.
First to market with this 3D printed Tech, use of strategic partners instead of trying to create everything on their own was a smart move

Cons 4D Futurecraft Technology
Its Heavy, like Retro Sneakers heavy.
Cleaning could be painful if mud dries, please watch out for Dog poo! You might need a pressure washer to clean columns.
Expensive Price is $300, and that may not be worth it to consumers that are expecting the most amazing feeling on feet.
Not as responsive at Boost IMO. Even after wearing for a month, doesn’t have the same feeling of wearing an Ultra Boost.
First to market at this scale, but could be a problem if others come in and deliver better.
Overexpansion in 2018, will these sit on shelves? AlphaEdge is only slightly above retail already.
Adidas 3D went away and 4D introduced before 3D went to market, will this technology have longevity? Will we see a “5D” next year?
Adidas AlphaEdge 4D Futurecraft
Fit TTS on .5 small
Cushioning 3.5
Responsiveness 3
Upper Material (Stretch, Softness) 3
Weight 14.1
Breathability 3.5
Durability 4
Stability 4
Traction 4
Style 4

Final Thoughts?

If you got the money and you want to try a fun new technology, this one is for you! If you are looking for a performance upgrade on your feet, it may not deliver.

I would save its an above average technology that has potential if they can deliver by customizing them to individual needs. I love the innovation of Adidas, and it looks like we will be seeing a ton of new models with the same sole including some basketball and lifestyle designs in 2018. Once they deliver on a larger scale however will the consumer market be interested in the product with the high price point? Time will tell. But what do you guys think about the Futurecraft 4D? Leave some comments below!

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How is it made? Sole created from a vat of lite sensitive Polymer, the light is projected into the liquid to help it create its shaped. Oxygen is a key ingredient. (Like T2) made of of lattices that look like honey combs.



Cutting-edge 4D design combines comfort, stability and cushioning in these men’s running shoes. The sleek build features a stretchy Forgefiber upper that adapts to the shape of your foot as it moves, with areas of support for a stable ride. Bounce cushioning provides a burst of energy with every step.

Runner type: Neutral shoes offer flexibility and versatility, with premium cushioning

Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility

Engineered mesh is a lightweight, breathable second skin providing a supportive, comfortable fit

Forgefiber in the upper features heat-pressed, TPU-coated fibers that are stitched in to provide targeted support and lightweight durability

Designed using ARAMIS insights for an improved fit

adidas Primeknit collar for adaptive support and ultralight comfort

Main materials: Textile and synthetic upper / Textile lining / Rubber outsole


Product code: AC8485

Product color: Core Black




  1. First of all shoutout to Hess. He’s a professor of shoe university. When you speak we listen big dawg. Secondly, tell me you didn’t step in dog poop 💩

  2. You should do a comparison vs differences from 2018 to 2019 4d midsole. These alpha edge midsole is different than the updated alpha edge or the x4000’s

  3. Ive tried 4d its really hard it feels like alpha bounce but more stiff its really not that comfy and not worth $400+ your better off with bounce shoes buts that my opinion so get what you want

  4. This isn't better than boost and costs how much?

    I like New Balance Fresh Foam better than the 5 shoes with Boost that I've used for standing all day.

  5. A con for me of this technology is the same limitation found on the UB. It seems shortsighted to only deliver this in that green. Adidas does not have anywhere close to the versatility of Nike when it comes to color blocking on the 4D and UB mids. This has significantly hurt both models and with the 4D in particular, we've seen versions like the KITH Aspen 2 where it doesn't quite look right. Maybe that's just me?

  6. I’m hoping one day soon I’ll be able to just scan/photo my feet and get sneakers with a custom “printed” sole in the mailbox a week later! There’s still some logistics to sort out, but I think that’s where we’re headed. Great informative video— thanks!

  7. YEAHHHHHHHHH. YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON I'VE HEARD HERE IN North America THAT SAYS "ADIDS" PROPERLY. the accent goes on the first "A" not on the "I"
    ADIDAS is the combo of the first and last name of the found ADOLF DASSLER (short form Adolf is ADI). So ADI DAS(SLER).

  8. I think this tech is a keeper and really hope it does well, to hear they are durable is a big bonus!! They look amazing which is the biggest selling point but they are just to expensive at the moment.


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