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CUT THAT CORD, FREE TV, that’s right!!! Free TV with this amazing Magic Stick, receive up to 100 Tv stations FOR FREE #cordcutters #freestuff
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► 2 Magic Sticks For $34.99 + 2 Extra Long 20 feet cable kits + free shipping – DEAL LINK: – Note: versions on Amazon have shorter cable and are the older non-upgraded stock.

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The Deal Guy reviews this incredible Cord Cutting TV device for watching up to 100 Channels for free from Kodi, Comcast or Media portal or whatever TV setup you have. The best way to internet TV and Cable TV for free.

Looking to cut the cord on your expensive cable or satellite subscription? You may be surprised how many HD channels you can get for FREE through the air! And here’s a product that allows you to pull in those channels – Magic Stick TV!

Magic Stick TV is engineered to optimize the reception of live free UHF and VHF digital television signals using Fractal Technology that allows for your stations to be locked in its powerful grasp once and for all. The Magic Stick TV antenna uses the same “fractal” technology that your cell phone uses. It pulls in and traps the TV signals inside of a geometric web maze. The signal then gets locked inside of the antenna allowing for your signal to come in more effectively with less pixilation or signal disturbance.

Magic Stick TV is multi-Directional, meaning it can receive Over-The-Air (OTA) signals from all directions. It Installs in minutes and does NOT compare with ANYTHING sold in stores. Its designed for maximum range and clear HD signal reception. It can be used inside or outside and it’s Ideal for consumers with Smart TVs and Streaming Media Players.

Perfect for the home, boat, RV, camping and more, Magic Stick TV offers a truly amazing picture quality and is a must have for Cord-Cutters.

Features and benefits include:

Get High Definition TV Broadcast Channels for FREE
Use Indoor or Outdoor. Weatherproof design.
Perfect for Homes, Boats, RV’s, Camping and more
60 Mile Range, Depending on location and terrain
$0 Monthly Bill!


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  1. Thanks for these tips. I tried Tubi tv and pluto tv but it was not so good. the selection was extremely limited. But it was worth a try.

  2. Live in the country,
    Wondering how well it will perform ?
    We are 70 miles between Cleveland and Toledo !
    Might be a bit of a challenge to pick up a signal.

  3. Thank you so much I qualified for essential internet by Comcast cable because I have sec8,housing otherwise I'd have to have a child in that lunch program.its 9.95 for 10 Mbps and 1 terabyte and they recommend you use your smartphone if you have or tablet and a local stream box is 7.00 you have to make sure you aren't confused by Comcast as a Xfinity customer cuz it's a government program and unlike att they did it on their own att was forced by FCC and it's,5. 00 for 1.3 and 10.00 for ,5mbps and they don't tell you how much your allowed!+I read reviews&it said they slow it so much your forced to buy it Now remember it's for someone that can prove that they have limited income.I was going to get antenna since att,/DTV will not honor the 7.00 upgrade agreement and June there increasing 55.00 No way I only get 718 mth.

  4. Thank you for the deals and ideas. Yes, keep bringing back your interns they all have great energy and compliment your style. Glad I saw you on the local news a year ago.

  5. I was told about Amazon Firestick, Google's Chromecast, and others. This is cheap and not too bad. Made in USA. too.


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