【Ridin’ Club】 Ep.2 – 인간 라이딩 | NCT DREAM Riding Battle


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  1. Chenle : rasa terimakasih,
    All members : selalu bersyukur,selalu rendah hati

    Anak anak baik bangeet mottonya. Yang Beginian kok dibenci

  2. When Jaemin and Haechan kissed at 4:51 everyone goes "Right in front of our salad?!"

  3. Dreamies, terimakasih udah buat aku ketawa ketiwi sendiri saat aku lagi stress banget masalah bansos. Sehat" terus kalian nak

  4. Haechan be literally coming for Chenle's Dolphin position in this video. Somebody hire them in a metal band now.

  5. Your NCTs are similar to kindergartners who know that they are cute but cute as me, as NCTzen really likes you guys what else is Cenji. you guys are like babies without caregivers or know Mulu playing cuteeeeeee…….. Every day you laugh and be happy I am very happy

  6. I wonder what view chenle saw when jaemin and haechan pretending to kiss each other

    I wish I'm chenle wahhhhh


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