▷▷ How To Fix Windows Resume Loader On Windows 7 ▷▷


▷▷▷ windows resume loader on windows 7 ▷▷▷
When You See Your Computer Laptop/Desktop Don’t Run only screen Windows Resume Loader.
Windows Resume Loader

When your desktop/laptop windows xp/ windows 7/ Windows 8/ vista ultimate was stuck at windows resume loader, the keyboard neither the mouse won’t respond to choose from the selection listed.
This is a Very Simple Work 🙂
First Go to Bios settings than First Boot CD/DVD Select than save than restart Your System.
Insert Your CD/DVD Drive in to OS Windows 7
Insert CD/DVD (OS)Windows 7
Your Pc Boot from CD/DVD
When you see the prompt to ‘Press any key” to boot from the DVD, do so. Windows 7 will start to boot up and you will see the following progress bar .
When you see the prompt to ‘Press any key” to Windows 7 will start to boot .
Windows 7 Installer interface on Screen Next Click than “Repair your Computer” Click. Than Processing System Recovery Options.
After weight See on Screen Next Button Click.
System Recovery Options Windows 7 in Screen Now Next Click.
System Restore Click. Now System Recovery files and settings on screen Next click. Confirm your restore point in Next Click and Yes Click. Just few time weight.

System Restore completed successfully than Restart Your Pc.
WoW successfully Restore completed in Your Computer.
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  1. I just pressed escape upon start up and then booted from whatever your computer is mine is a HP pavilion and I was able to select restart abandoning anything I was working on 🙁 but I’m back up👌

  2. Continue with system resume Delete restore data and move to system boot menu ENTER = cheese. My loptop Lenovo f400 problem

  3. Mere laptop men aerro uper se neeche ki or automatic chl raha hai or usme troubleshooting problem dikha raha hai jisse mai kuch v downlod v nhi kr pa raha hu koi aesa solution bataiye ki mere laptop ka system poori tarah se set ho jaye

  4. I read this one and solve the problem accordingly "Here is how you do it: press fn and alt together; while maintaining these 2 keys down, type 013 on your num lock pad (the good old code for enter), then release fn and then alt (or the other way around, don't remember, anyway if one doesn't work, just try the other). That worked excellent for me when I was quite despaired. Read that on another forum, thanks to this dude and to the whole community for sharing!!!"

  5. I watched this and let me laptop go to sleep mode after 2 hours i go grab a CD and then turn the laptop back on it then brings me too the welcome screen so i click enter and im like Oh yeah so i go leave the CD and then it turns black again so im like ughh for real i go get the CD AGAIN and come back seeing my laptop is working fine again so i go leave my CD AGAIN O-O 😂


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